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The ad is a light-hearted exploration of the contemporary meaning of family, featuring amusing and touching scenes of both blood-related families and modern takes on ‘family’ like close friends and colleagues. It’s packed with stories that will resonate with people across the UK.

Featuring a voice-over from comedian Bill Bailey, the ad has a distinctive look and feel. It highlights the range of ciders during drinking occasions and family life, while still featuring the Thatcher family and their stunning Somerset orchards, to make the point that, no matter what, no-one cares more than family.

The ad was created by our Creative team, Zane Radcliffe and Ken Sara. And shot by Steve Reeves from Another Film Company.

Our Group Executive Creative Director, Jon Elsom, says, “The Thatcher family is deeply involved with life at Myrtle Farm. Their passion for quality and innovation is at the very soul of the business. They are the family cider makers, producing iconic brands including Gold, Haze, Rosé and the newly launched Cloudy Lemon. Our new approach illustrates the importance of that family commitment. When you come right down to it, whatever family means to you, both good and bad, no-one cares more than family.”

Our client, Martin Thatcher says, “This is an ad that’s warm with a smile in its heart. We hope everyone will be able to relate to it. The sense of family runs very strongly throughout all we do at Thatchers, from our heritage and traditions, through to our quality and expertise in cider making. It’s something we’re all very proud of, and we know it’s something that will always stay true. There’s never been a better time to reinforce the message of family and caring for each other.”

The advert will air from 17th – 23rd August in a 40-second format, followed by a 30-second format between 24th and 30th August. It will appear on ITV, ITV Digital, Sky, Channel 4 and Channel4 Digital (E4, Film4, More4, Box music channels and UKTV). It will also feature on social media and through a YouTube campaign. Watch the ad below...