As well as being able to generate unique truths to inform our strategy and measure communication effectiveness, we offer bespoke independent research that leverages behavioural science theory, surfacing meaningful insight that looks beyond ‘claimed’ behaviour, helping our clients truly understand their audience.

By utilising behavioural science, we create projects that unearth what consumers are actually doing, not what they say they are doing — insight which is naturally more actionable as a result. When validating communications, this means ensuring measurement reflects ‘real-life’ interaction, exploring how consumers are emotionally primed by communications before we examine rational messaging.

Behavioural science helps us interpret the behaviour change necessary at the heart of client briefs, it also informs how we design research projects and how we allocate the most effective and innovative methodologies. We utilise a combination of face-to-face and online techniques, using our own ‘McCANN Truth App’, an insight platform designed to enable in-context research as consumers can respond using their phone, tablet or laptop.

Once we’ve conducted the research, we are able to use behavioural thinking to help frame our analysis so we can deliver focused outputs. Far from generating tome-like research decks that get filed away never to be revisited, our approach taps into our rich expertise as a communications agency to create easily sharable and impactful outputs.

In addition to this, we work alongside the teams who deliver award-winning strategic and creative work, meaning we have a more in-depth understanding of your industry compared to traditional research agencies. This ensures our insight catalyses change across the business, not just within the marketing department.