We use insight and strategy to ensure our creative solutions are as powerful as they can possibly be. Using our proprietary tool, ‘Truth 2 Meaning’, we unearth our clients’ compelling truths, harnessing these to develop better briefs that result in the most original and effective creative solutions possible.

At McCann Bristol, we work hard to interrogate every client brief to truly understand their unique challenges and opportunities, which means we are able to provide them with compelling, effective and award-winning solutions.

We understand that clients come in all shapes and sizes – and so do our solutions. What suits one client, rarely fits another perfectly.

Integrating seamlessly with our Research and Insight offering, our strategic recommendations are always grounded in evidence-based thinking, coupled with the latest consumer and cultural trends – ensuring we are both effective and relevant.

Whether a client is an established player or a new disruptor, we are able to help them define their role and voice in the world, creating long-term value for their business through brand strategy.

By utilising a rigorous framework — we call it the ‘5Cs’ — we explore unique and inspiring truths across Culture, Category, Company, Consumer and Connections that help us define a brand’s meaningful role. From this we can understand why a brand exists and why people would seek it out over another.

We can then act as brand stewards, ensuring that this meaningful role is executed throughout the business, from internal communications to owned assets, packaging to websites, from branded communications channels to direct response channels.

And we are able to deliver effective and distinctive communications strategies that cut through the whirlwind of clutter in people’s lives, resonate meaningfully with our audience and provoke changes in perception, attitude and behaviour.

We know that while some clients only require part of the solution, others require a more integrated approach. We are able to scale to provide a suitable response. And our measurement methodologies enable us to gain rapid learnings to shape our future thinking.