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McCann Bristol | Senior Account Executive  | 

Talk of SEO often gets lost in the weeds of algorithms, link equity and website authority. It’s important stuff, but it’s the kind of detail that can make you lose sight of the bigger picture.

That’s why we need to do a better job of explaining what SEO can achieve. So, with that in mind, here are three big picture reasons why you should be investing in SEO today.

1. SEO Can Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs from Search

Almost half of all product searches begin on Google. And the more competitive it is, the costlier it will be for you to bid on ad space against those keywords. Time and time again, month after month.

But according to Backlinko research, 75% of all search clicks go to the top three organic listings. So, if you can invest in SEO and start appearing against your target keywords organically, you can reduce your reliance on PPC. And in so doing, reduce your customer acquisition costs.

But this isn’t about SEO vs PPC. Rather, it’s about the two channels working in synergy. PPC is an incredibly important channel that should always be part of your search strategy. But where you’re ranking well organically, you can free up the PPC budget to target other keywords where you aren’t ranking so well. Or even think about apportioning the budget elsewhere, such as paid social or programmatic display. All the while, you’re safe in the knowledge that your website is ranking well organically for your key product or service search terms.

You could even choose to continue bidding against keywords you’re ranking well for organically. After all, if you have an ad and an organic listing against your target search terms, you’re even more likely to earn that click.

2. Facilitate a Full-Service Marketing Approach

SEO can be the thread that ties together your wider marketing activity. In fact, for SEO to succeed, it’s vitality important that it does tie together your wider marketing activity. And that’s especially true of two otherwise unconnected areas of marketing: PR and website development.

Firstly, your website needs to be easy for Google to crawl. This allows Google to access all of your webpages easily and can immediately understand the content on each page. You’ll need a well-structured IA, your webpages will need to load quickly and each page will need to be marked up with structured data.

But even if you get technical SEO right, it still might not be enough. And that’s because Google needs to trust you. If Google is going to be sending users to your website, you need to have proven that you’re an authority on the subject matter.

So how does Google know that you’re a better source of information than your competitors? Ultimately, it comes down to links pointing to your website. Without links, you don’t have any authority. And without authority, why would Google send users to your website?

Some links will come naturally. And they’re the best sort of links. But you could be waiting a long time. In the meantime, you need to earn links. And the best way to do that is through digital PR. If you can earn meaningful links from websites relevant to your industry, your organic performance will benefit immensely.

It’s not easy to achieve. But the rewards will be great.

3. Help Brands Play a Meaningful Role in People’s Lives

Every day your customers are using Google search. And every time they pick up their phone, tablet, laptop or even talk to their smart speaker, they’re doing so with intent. They’re looking for answers, products, solutions, advice, and information.

According to Think with Google, these micro moments come down to four types of searches:

SEO pic

An effective SEO strategy can help you latch onto these micro-moments and deliver on people’s needs at the exact time their looking for a brand to deliver for them.

If you can be useful in these moments, you’ll be capturing people’s attention just when they need your help. And there is no greater way to play a meaningful role in their lives than that.