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Let’s face it, we all love a little afternoon nap on the sofa or an extra few hours in bed in the morning.

With good reason too. Stats from one of McCann Truth Central’s winter 2017-2018 trends found that over 27m images on Instagram were tagged #tired. With the average adult spending 8 hours and 41 minutes a day using technology but only 8 hours and 21 minutes sleeping[1], ironically it’s no surprise.

As a seemingly sleepless society, our basic need for sleep has evolved from a rudimentary human requirement to a luxury, which is providing new opportunities for brands.

Apps such as Sleep Cycle have long been helping to monitor sleep patterns. But we are now seeing brands of the like of Burger King taking advantage. Targeting sleepy Korean commuters, the brand distributed eye masks at busy stations and encouraged nappers to write their stop and prompt other commuters to wake them up on arrival. Inside the mask were two coffee coupons, one for the wearer and one to reward the person who woke them, leading to a 18.7% increase in morning sales.

In efforts to improve productivity, businesses are increasingly noticing the need for workplace napping - from Google’s innovative MetronNap to multi-purpose sleepbed desks.

As we continue to live in a world where time literally is money, it’s no surprise that for 2018 we may well see more new and innovative ways in which brands help give us all a bit more rest. The Big Sleep is just one of McCann Truth Central Winter 2018 trends. To get a full trends briefing and discuss how they might apply to your company, please get in touch with the Planning department at McCann Bristol by contacting

[1] Ofcom