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23rd June 2017 - Findings from a global study on the mood of the nation in light of Brexit were revealed to marketers and business leaders from across the South West at the second in a series of new breakfast briefings from McCann Bristol, called Talks on Toast.

The event, which was held at the Bristol Harbour Hotel on 23rd June, unveiled a bite-sized version of McCann Worldgroup UK’s newest global study “Truth About Britain”. The study investigated some of the attitudes towards national pride, globalism and other social issues following the EU referendum result; as well as exploring regional differences.

The study tracked and analysed British consumers’ mood over 12 months and found there is an overall renewed optimism and pride in Britain today, but fundamental regional differences point to a splintered national picture. 71% of people living in the South West felt a sense of pride in being from Britain, while only 50% in the North East felt proud of their nation.

The talk was designed to show businesses in the South West that the most valued brands are those representing reliability and permanence – brands that connect with British character in a meaningful way. These bedrock brands are those that are firmly rooted in a clear set of values and provide confidence in face of uncertainty. 76% of those in the South West prefer a brand that is local, and 83% prefer brands that reassure rather than challenge.

Speakers included Tony Clark, Head of Research at Mintel, who offered insight into the economic climate and consumer mood post Brexit. Richard Lindsey, Director of Legal & Public Affairs at the IPA, shared his thoughts on the implications for advertisers and the advertising industry from a policy and legal perspective, sparking much debate about The EU General Data Protection Regulation. While Kathryn Ellis, Planning Director at McCann Bristol, presented findings from McCann Worldgroup’s study “Truth About Britain”.

Kathryn Ellis, Planning Director at McCann Bristol said: “Brexit revealed stark regional differences in attitudes towards national pride, immigration, globalism and other social issues. McCann Worldgroup UK is the only agency to have a regional UK network, so we commissioned “Truth About Britain” to better understand the regions and their attitudes”.