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As we step into the New Year, here at McCann Bristol we have one final festive treat to share – the very latest Winter 2017/18 trend report from our global insights department, Truth Central.

The report unpacks some of the big trends from the past year, providing some best in class examples of brands doing them well.

To get those trends taste buds going, here is a top line of what you can expect!

  1. Hugsters - In a hi-tech world, the ‘hug’ takes on new dimensions
  2. Animal Attraction - From companions to family members, pets are on the verge of earning full-fledged human status
  3. Small Is the New Black - Cities are spreading and the world is running out of space: time to “think small”!
  4. Atmos-fear - A fear of polluted air breathes life into new commercial opportunities
  5. Deciding Not to Decide - Keeping our options open or just afraid of missing out? Why decide at all?
  6. Tinderized life - Today’s decisions are best made by swiping left or right
  7. Thinking Inside the Ballot Box - No one is exempt from the demanding dynamics of the modern ‘polis’
  8. Hacking Life - In a world run by computer programmes, how do we hack the source code of our own bodies?
  9. The Big Sleep - In a sleepless society, our basic need for sleep has become a luxury
  10. Empty-tainment - Pushing the boundaries of what entertains us - we already have everything, could we now have nothing please?

Sound exciting? To get a full trends briefing and to discuss how they might apply to your company, please get in touch with us at McCann Bristol by contacting

Naomi Hanson, Planner