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The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly shifted our collective fears, concerns and priorities across the globe. Many officials have referred to it as a war against an invisible enemy. And in all wars, one of the most important, impactful and enduring weapons is Truth. In response, we surveyed people in 14 countries around the world to get a deeper looked into the key Human Truths generated by the current crisis.

One key finding was that the vast majority of people around the globe do not believe that their government is capable of dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, only 14 percent of people globally believe that their government is "very prepared" to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, while in the UK the figure is even lower - six percent.

Another 31 percent believe that their government is "prepared," with people in India and Turkey most likely to say that their government is prepared. In addition to a lack of faith in government institutions, the report finds that the top concern for most people worldwide is the economy, rather than dying. Nearly half of people (48 percent) in the report say they're concerned that the economy will suffer, while 43 percent are worried that many people will die.

Fourteen percent are concerned that their country will become more racist due to the disease.

People in more developed nations, such as the U.S., Canada, and Japan, are more concerned about their economies than countries like Chile.

Interestingly, the role of the media in the pandemic varies wildly from impacted countries to lesser impacted ones. While 42 percent of people worldwide believe that the media is creating unnecessary panic, only 29 percent of people in Spain and Italy are likely to agree with that.

Spain and Italy have become epicenters for the disease in Europe, with both countries reporting more deaths than in China, where the outbreak began.

But there is good news in the report, with 54 percent of people believing that the pandemic will make everyone reconsider what is most important in life. Thirty-seven percent of people also believe that carbon emissions will go down (which has already been seen). Another 17 percent, who may not have their priorities straight, believe COVID-19 will lead to high-quality memes.

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