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January 28th saw McCann Bristol host our first Talks on Toast event of the year, and the first to be held virtually post-pandemic

Hosted by Kathryn Ellis, Managing Partner, Strategy at McCann Bristol with Laura Simpson, Chief Intelligence Officer at McCann Worldgroup and Jamie Watson, McCann Bristol’s Strategy Director as keynote speakers, the event was based on new global research carried out by McCann Worldgroup across 26 countries, including over 30,000 interviews unveiling truths and actions for a hopeful future.

They were joined by an expert panel comprised of Ian Ayling, Director of Communications at Soil Association and Jaclyn Kaminski, McCann Worldgroup Vice President and Global Director of Sustainability.

With research showing that 82% of people globally are not just personally worried about climate change, but also as worried about climate change as they are about global pandemics, the presentation got off to a sobering and insightful start, highlighting the urgency for action.

The research digs deep to uncover a wide range of responses about the associations and relationships people have with sustainability, on both a global and local level. The findings discussed are very close to home and wholly driven by human emotion, with interesting results around negative emotions, such as shame and guilt.

The takeaway? It’s important that we move the conversation away from negative elements such as the sacrifice involved in sustainable efforts and instead that we focus on what sustainable action will create more of as we move into a space of abundance and positivity.

Laura commented, “Sustainability used to be a niche, bureaucratic, governmental issue but if we fast forward to today, sustainability is everywhere, from the way we engage on social media to the headlines we read and the ways we make decisions about which brands we buy from. Yet it’s also clear that we are so far from where we need to be in terms of making significant change.”

The discussion continued by addressing the disconnect between broader government action and individual feelings around the power to affect change, followed by the key shifts brands can look to make to chart sustainability solutions.

Our next Talks on Toast Webinar will be Truth About Wellness and you can register for the event here: