Our Integrated Offering
OOH, see it glow

  • Planning

    We use Strategy and Insight to ensure our creative solutions are as powerful as they can possibly be. Using our proprietory tool, ‘Truth to Meaning’, we unearth our clients compelling truths about their consumers, brands and competitors, harnessing these to develop better briefs that result in the most original and effective creative solutions possible. We also ensure our measurement methodologies enable us to gain rapid learnings to shape our future thinking.

    Discovering Truths and using them to shape our approach means we consistently deliver compelling, effective and award-winning campaigns ensures we always live up to the McCann promise of Truth Well Told.

  • Creative

    This is where we herd the cats. McCann Bristol does have some very talented ones, it has to be said. They interrogate briefs, immerse themselves in the work and simply do not let go until the idea – the big idea, the one that will truly make a difference, presents itself.

    Creative people here are not kept in a box, but have a fair, open, heated, fruitful, dialogue with our clients. That way, we all own the work. Strategy and Insight plays its part and the entire creative offering here has extraordinary depth; from pan European TV campaigns, to content ideas that are online within minutes of being created.

    These people will find creative opportunities anywhere. The latest happens to be something quite startling with a client’s calling card. You have to meet these people, you really do.

  • Digital

    Our in-house team of UX specialists, designers, developers and producers are responsible for the delivery of digital solutions born out of in-depth user research and insights.

    We have a core ethos of delivering meaningful experiences, accessible across devices, that support real visitor journeys to deliver deeper, richer engagement with our clients’ brands.

    We are passionate people who understand technology; how it can amplify an idea, how to maximise it for the audience and importantly, how to make sure it just works.

  • PR and Social

    Whether you have an organisation, brand or product - or an issue you’d like to have a voice on, we get people talking about you (in a good way). Combining compelling insights, attention grabbing ideas and strong relationships with influencers, we start positive conversations about you.

    Our media relations experts craft stories that get you talked about by huge numbers of readers, while our social media and digital specialists create positive conversations about you on social networks and popular sites – we create compelling content that genuinely drives engagement and are adept at ensuring it reaches the right audiences.

    Put simply we ensure consumers are thinking, talking about and engaging with you, for all the right reasons.

  • Media

    Universal McCann Bristol take care of all the media planning and buying within the agency. We use our media moment planning tool to create moments that matter to drive momentum for brands. As a result we deliver business results for some of the UK's most successful and demanding advertisers.

    From being all about what people watch, listen to and read, now media has evolved to become all about what people do. From friends to finance to favourite brands, media is how people connect with the things that matter most to them.

    In this new era, figuring out what works means doing things differently. That’s why you’ll find us constantly testing, learning and trying new things to create innovative solutions for our clients.

  • 360

    We use all sorts of devices to demand different channels of content and services. Whatever time, whatever place. The result? Attention, interest, desire and action are more thinly spread, harder to reach commodities than ever before. Making advertising matter.

    The real challenge for businesses everywhere is to be more relevant to their audiences. To create engaging, personalised experiences that people enjoy. This is why we create advertising ideas, branding strategies and digital experiences that are fully integrated into people's lives. We call this 360° thinking. It's all around you.

    360° thinking simply means that we provide a full range of creative and strategic services that encompass every aspect of your customers' experiences. So a campaign might involve creative advertising, brand management and digital integration. With the ideas behind it that don't just engage, but entertain. Giving you a deeper, wider audience reach with consistency and continuity. And making your message infinitely more memorable, likeable and shareable.

Who we do all this stuff for

  • Cathay
  • GoodYear
  • Motability
  • Tenderstem
  • Pink Lady
  • Jersey
  • Haynes