I am Amigo

Amigo Loans is the UK’s leading guarantor provider, offering a helping hand to people who aren’t able to take out a traditional loan. Though Amigo is an established mid-term lender, the brand is often wrongly grouped with short-term lenders and their more negative connotations.

We sought to move Amigo away from the rational messaging commonly associated with pay day loan companies, and shine a more emotive light on the real stories that sit behind guarantor lending. We spotted an opportunity to showcase the strong relationships that often exist between borrower and guarantor and bring to life the ways in which Amigo help people achieve key life moments.

We created ‘I am Amigo’, a TV campaign that focuses on pivotal life moments where people can count on a friend or loved one to access a loan from Amigo. We identified a powerful truth — ‘When someone’s got your back, Amigo can back you too’ – reinforcing the close relationships that exist between lender and guarantor, but also with Amigo too.


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