One of the oldest brands in the world, The Royal Mint has been continuously producing coins since 886AD. However, the continued move away from cash means that to survive for the next 1,100 years, the organisation needs to reinvent itself and become known for far more than currency. This has seen The Royal Mint diversify and expand into gifting, precious metal and bullion investments and even experiences. Encapsulating this breadth whilst ensuring greater brand relevance with a younger audience presented a challenge.

Research told us that people are looking for premium products and experiences that have depth and provenance. This led us to the insight that The Royal Mint is more than a maker of coins, they make investments, they make moments special and they make experiences more valuable. And so ‘The Original Maker’ was born, a new positioning for The Royal Mint – their first in over 1,000 years — that contemporises this rich tradition of peerless craftsmanship.

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A root and branch review of brand including audience segmentation, architecture, communications strategy and creative execution has seen The Royal Mint completely transform its approach to brand and customer acquisition. ‘The Original Maker’ proposition has provided a strategic foundation internally for the business, to guide everything from packaging, product propositions, website development – along with communications such as a print and digital. The implementation of a monthly brand tracker measures brand awareness, brand trust, brand sentiment and brand relevance, which have all begun to show positive results. An additional effect has been a significant growth in site traffic, with an increase in consumers buying directly for the first time. All early indicators that the brand is set fair for the future.

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